by rob crooks

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released March 14, 2012


all rights reserved



rob crooks Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Out There
Outside, night time
Wandering on the streets
I don't get out
Much to bars or cafes

Street light shine bright
Pouring down on me
My time I find
Mostly in the shadows

Secrets we've kept
We don't ever speak
Brick wall, so tall
Between our conversation

I feel so small
I would never reach
To the top of
Steel and glass skyscrapers

I know you are
Out there somewhere

Stand in the road
Sky so high above me
From near I hear
A group of laughing people

I smile inside
It's so bittersweet
To see them laughing
Go around the corner

I know you are
Out there somewhere
Track Name: Knows How To
She don't think too much of sex
It's just a physical act
She don't find it intimate
When she's laying on her back

You can tell her how you think it is
But you could never tell her how to live
She's only gonna do what she does
She knows how to fuck, but doesn't know that much about love

People call her names like "slut"
Her friends all talk behind her back
She don't need much to give it up
So only creeps will text her back


Twenty-first century
All girls were hurt back in the past
So they don't get monogamy
They don't think nothing's gonna last
She says she's so glad that we're friends
She wouldn't want to lose that
Right before I slip it in
I think I love her at climax

Track Name: Not Cool
Man, you gotta stop hanging around with all those little girls
People are starting to look at you like you're too immature
How do you get your heart broken like every other weekend
Spending all your money to pay for the drugs that keep them weakened
How do you hang around making friends with all those little boys
Going to the spot to try to pick up on that brand new noise
Wearing all the fashions you see the kids wearing in the street
Downtown in the city partying everyday of the week

You're not cool, you're not cool
Fuck off with your shitty attitude
You're not cool
You're not cool, you're not cool
Fuck off with your shitty tattoos
You're not cool

Partying until the sun comes up, it helps if you do drugs
Also helps to substitute for the feeling of being loved
So when the party's over and you're not sure how to get back home
Give them what they wanted so you don't gotta get high alone
Reminiscing on them days, still wishing you were really young
As if this quarter-life crisis ain't just childish and really dumb
So to compensate you perpetuate always getting drunk
Hanging out with kids, taking advantage of whatever comes

You're not cool, you're not cool
Fuck off with your shitty attitude
You're not cool
You're not cool, you're not cool
Fuck off with your shitty tattoos
You're not cool
Track Name: Fly Away
Fly Away
Getting bitten by it
And the sky goes quiet
Track Name: Live Free
When my alarm rings
I don't want to get out of bed
Always a hard thing
Shaking the sleep out of my head
I wake up starving
Cook me up some eggs, toast some bread
Pour me some coffee
Staring down the day that's ahead

So c'mon, so c'mon
Get up get it out, put it down

My job's so boring
Every day I'm back here again
Wish I was touring
Instead of stuck here in Winnipeg
But I keep working
Digging myself out of this debt
Just like my parents
Grinding 'til the day that I'm dead

So c'mon

Live free with me

Six-pack of Carling
Gets me to where I want to get
Ready for partying
As soon as the juice touches my lips
She pulls my heart strings
The way she walks, swaying her hips
She's got me following
All the way with every step

So c'mon
Track Name: No Hand
No hand is not stained red from the blood
No hand does not bear the weight of what's done
No hand can pass through the fire unburnt
No hand does not show the scar from it's birth

No hand does not snatch fruit from the vine
No hand does not go against the divine
No hand will hand you what you want in this life
No hand does not clench into fist to survive

No hand reach down to lift you out of the earth
No hand comes digging shining light through the dirt
No hand come down through the clouds to touch mine
No hand on no brow is giving sight to the blind
Track Name: Ghost
I won't do you no favours
So don't do none for me
It may be best if we're strangers
Walk past like we're nobody
Take it down to the graveyard
Dig down and bury it deep
Let it fly away with angels
And disappear like a dream

Like a Ghost that is haunting
A house in every room
There's an issue that's daunting
Connecting me still to you

I guess it's just as much my mind
As it exists physically
On the inside and outside
It is always with me
I feel it right by my bedside
Each night when I try to sleep
I keep opening my eyes
Like you'll be there to see

Like a Ghost that is haunting
A house in every room
There's an issue that's daunting
Connecting me still to you
Track Name: Hey!Hey!
I don't want her to go
I don't want her to go
But in the morning I rose
To find myself all alone
The sun comes through my window
It lifts me up with it's glow
I sigh a little and go
Get up and put on my clothes


She don't want me to go
She don't want me to go
I get a call on my phone
Then I'm back on the road
I'm too restless she knows
I have a void in my soul
Same way I came I will go
Just trying to fill up that hole


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